Hi. I'm André, and welcome to my website. Unfortuneatly I cannot have an english version of the entire homepage, but I think you'll manage to guide yourself round here. Most of the words is quite the same if you use your imagination..

Feel free to mail me if you have any question of any kind, or maybe for no reason in particular:

A little about me myself and I:
My name is André Högbom, born 1980. I freelance as illustrator, and have my own little firm. Before this I studied at the Comic Arts School in Hofors. There I practiced lots of subjects such as writing scripts for- and drawing comics, coloring, lexivision (instructive and schematic illustration), easy to read articles and pictures for the disabled, computer editing, web, and of course all kind of illustration and art etc.

I am quite a creative person, with many cups of tea on my table. (ehrr.. homemade expressions never fail) Besides the drawing I also do a lot of crafting in all possible ways. Everything from building houses to sewing my own clothes. I play a lot of music too. Go see the music section.

I’m always in need of paid jobs and tasks, so BRING IT ON!